CCCA Brand/Identity

Project Description

The Center for Christianity Culture and the Arts is a transdisciplinary resource for ideas at the intersection of art and faith. I was asked to develop a brand and identity around the center’s core mission; to emphasize the link between art and culture, within a christian comntext. The design direction of their website was the realization of their desire to be a content provider. With that in mind, I built the site around the delivery of audio and visual resources, and the promtion of community events. The vibrant colors, and animated background are heavily inspired by my favorite visual artist, James Turrell.


  • Art Direction, Brand/Identity, Logo Design, Visual Web Design, UX Design, Content Strategy

On The Web

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This project was designed while working for Biola University.

Front-end Development by Tim Beardshear.

Back-end Development by Jimmy Lam.

A Design workspace
by/for John Choura Jr.